Personal coach via the employment agency?

The recession has had a big impact on the labor market. Unemployment has increased tremendously and the decreasing demand of labor is becoming more evident. Because of the current situation the government decided on 18 December 2008 to give the employment agency increased opportunities to offer newly unemployed and short-term unemployed a personal coach.

An opportunity for you?

The people who qualify for this include everyone looking for work, registered with the employment agency, who risks unemployment, or are newly unemployed, and are not of current interest for register for work- and development guarantee or guaranteed work for youth. The employment agency might also, if there is need, assign other groups to the effort.

This is how it works.
If you fall under any of these criteria, you can through the employment agency seek economic support for a coaching program with us. This is carried out as follows: you and your contact person at the employment agency go over your situation and you will know if you have the right to this form of support. Afterwards you collectively choose a coach and notify us. If the employment agency has given you a clear sign you can quickly and simply sign up below.

First come, first served...
In the decision-making, the government has established a limit of 20 employees per coach. If you have found our coaching program interesting we suggest that you sign up as soon as possible, before the spots are taken.

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Our offer:

1. Range of posts
Individual personal coaching, career coaching and group coaching if desired (max. 5 people). The target group is people looking for employment?, right after education or unemployed after previous positions on all levels.

The goal of coaching is to strengthen the clients’ self-esteem and confidence and thereby his/her own position on the labor market. The aim is to receive a satisfying job, or finding a new path that can carry on through education towards a desired job.

Course of action:

- We write a coaching agreement together

- We help you formulate goals, structure your work and set up a powerful plan of action

- We focus on your unique strengths and talents (we can offer a strength finder).


- We strengthen your self-esteem and your confidence through methods which teach you to rethink and focus on new possibilities.

- We look to the future with respect to your work experience, competence and education.

- We plan and proceed with interview training for employment. We do follow-ups of every step and encourage you to develop through regular communication.

- We carry out coach talks twice a month. At a meeting and/or by phone.

- We follow up the process by email and/or phone every week.

- We work with different coaching models custom-made for your needs and goals.

- We give you tasks to complete in between our talks in order for he process to be as effective as possible and really carry on aiming towards your set goals.

Bright Potential Coaching AB is a member of IFC (International Coach Federation), and work in accordance with their ethic principles. We work with active listening, powerful questions, direct communication, planning and establishing of goals and achievements with great responsibilities.

2. Business field

Administration, economics, marketing, sales, service, building, healthcare, culture, design, pedagogical work, social work, international work.

We coach within most areas of profession. It’s not the expert knowledge about the area of profession that is final but rather understanding of the clients’ behavior and strengths, as well as the process of developing them together.

3. Geographic area
Stockholm County

4. Education/experience

- Coach Diploma in 2006

- Internationally Certified Coach by International Coach Federation IFC in 2007

- Gunilla Hullert have for over 20 years been supervisor, boss, and coach for people within different business areas and from different cultures. The highlight is to see a person who, consciously or unconsciously, held back their potential, suddenly be determined to do something about their life and aim towards the goal he or she dreams about.


5. References
See complete list of clients here.

6. Facts
Gunilla Hullert / Internationally Certified Coach
Bright Potential Coaching AB
Hagabergsvägen 20
139 35 Värmdö
Phone: 08-10 38 83
huller (at)

See more contact information, map etc. here.

7. General description
As Internationally Certified Coaches and as neutral observers we have unforeseen abilities to support our clients in seeing possibilities and manage difficulties which prevents them from reaching what they want. We undertake the task of success for our clients, we don’t give up, and we encourage our clients to make use of their opportunities in order to achieve their goals. Our name is what we stand for, that is your future is bright. It is our job and our life.