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Throughout the centuries few things have been described as thoroughly as human behavior. There is barely a phase in life, a change in development or a mood-shift that a philosopher, behavioral scientist, thinker or writer have not taken into account and used in some way in their form of communication.

Your language and communication plays a great role in your work towards change. You find much assistance in dictionaries, books of quotations, metaphor-collections and other works that nowadays are listed on the internet. We don't want to seem poor, henceforth we contribute to the flourishing lists by offering a collection from this human behavior-archive.

For your sake. For pleasure, thoughtful times, relieving moments, or for that speech you are planning to present in front of your clients and colleagues. Or for that letter you want to send to apply for a scholarship. Giving a speech in the presence of close and meaningful people, privately or at work, may be a part of your new life. A part of your change - from having the thoughts within you, to letting them out in front of large gatherings.

Some call this worthless knowledge, others call it valuable knowledge. We call it a natural part of the way to a brighter future.

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Would you like to share a good quotation, a metaphor or a simile? A story you want to tell or an experience that expresses your or someone else's way to a brighter future? Please share it here, we publish but reserve the right to select the stories.

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(citat, metafor, aforism, liknelse. idiom eller ordspråk)


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