Fishes can't see the water they are swimming in.

Coaching is about evoking your inner strengths so that you can use your whole potential and start living the life you want to live, regardless of whether it concerns your employment or your private life, or both.

I have been a supervisor, boss, and coach for people for over 20 years in different branches of trade in different cultures. To me, the highlight is to see people who have, consciously or unconsciously held back their potential, suddenly bang their fist on the table and resolutely take care of their life and aim in the direction of the goal that they are dreaming of.

Everyone can do that. We all have an unused potential within us and if we just want to we can use it more and better... and we can reach farther.

As an external observer, I have unforeseen possibilities to see the opportunities and dilemmas that you carry. Aspects that can be hard to see for yourself. I work strenuously on my clients behalf, I don't give up, I bring peace to conflicts and I encourage people to take care of their opportunities no matter if it's within your work, your life or your relationship.

That is my job and my life. I will make you wear shades! 8-)

Gunilla Hüllert
International Certified Coach
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- I'm inspired by photographs which reminds me of the pictures I see within myself when I'm the most motivated. Pictures and thoughts that light my fire and get me to work towards my own goals. This picture reminds me of the feeling I get when I finally reach something I have had as agoal in front of me. After a long day at sea you step onto your "own" tiny little island, or onto an island like this – the island Svenska Högarna with an old light house far out in the Stockholm archipelago.

Gunilla Hüllert, fall 2009