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Bright Potential Coaching AB is a service company. We sell the road to a brighter future. The whole idea is based upon a cooperation where we together uncover and use your potential and inner strengths. The strengths we all possess, but remains unused. We don't look much to the past, but instead focus on the future. It is with the future that we will progress on our clients' behalf.

Member of the world's greatest coaching-network. 
Bright Potential Coaching AB is a member of the world's greatest coaching-network - International Coach Federation. IFC is a global organization with over 15.000 members in over 90 countries. IFCs most important role is to certify active working coaches. IFC also defines the ethical guiding principles for the profession, develop the core competence of coaching and provides for the maintenance of stability and integrity for its members.

IFC Nordic serves the branch of trade in the Nordic countries:

State Unemployment Agency supplier.
We have since June 2009 been chosen by the State Unemployment Agency, Arbetsmarknadsstyrelsen (AMS) as a supplier according to the government's program of offering unemployed the opportunity to seek a personal coach via the State Unemployment Agency.

The organization was established in 2006 and changed its name in 2008 when it became a limited liability company.

Area of activity.
Scandinavia, Europe, USA and China.

Business idea
We sell the path to a brighter future for individuals who have decided that they want to improve their life. We use internationally tested methodology and act under the quality requirements and ethical guiding principles established by IFC, International Coach Federation.

Over 20 years of supervising experience, staff development, and management development. Experience of international projects and cooperation with different countries and cultures.

Internationally Certified Coach since 2007

Gunilla Hüllert
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We have a conscious environment plan and as a small company we primarily seek to reduce the transports as these are the factors that primarily contribute to an undesired effect on the environment. We communicate electronically, we include video-communication to a greater extent, we don't print or distribute our marketing material, we print and copy as little as possible and we use today's digital medium as much as possible.

Bright Potential Coaching AB
Hagabergsvägen 20
S-139 35 Värmdö

Telephone: +46 8 10 38 83
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Coaching via Skype.
Save money, time and the environment. Coaching on the phone, even free via Skype.
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What's in it for me?
Our coaching has one clear purpose: You shall reach higher and further!

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