Personal coaching for you alone.

By means of personal coaching we help you:

-Define your dreams and goals
-Define your strengths and characteristics
-Identify your potential
-Work out a plan on how to reach your goals
-Establish small goals and tick these off during your journey
-Help you through problems and difficult choices by active encouragement
-Encourage new ways of thinking which will help you getting rid of useless habits

Our coaching is based on several methods. 
There are several different methods that are used in coaching. We use the most established ones and tailor them to fit each individual case.

The goal and how to get there.
Sure, the result is important, but the way to get there is usually what is most noticeable. Our customers often express joy and relief of finally having started a process to help them get started, and feel that something is done about their situation. The energy that is released when experiencing this change is tremendous, and definitely worth fighting for.

We know how to help you. We do this with customers every day. In many frames of reference we all function the same way despite the differences in the lives we are living. That's why we think we know how to help you too.

Looking for a job?
Government can help you with coaching on their account…
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Psychology or therapy?
Coaching is none of that, but is based on some of the same insights. We have collected some facts on the story of coaching.

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Personal coaching
The purpose of our personal coaching is that you reach as close to the goal you've set up for yourself as possible.

That is similarly the purpose of coaches in the athletic world - to get their client to jump the highest in the world. You have to aim high even though you can't always reach the top. In sports, the result is easy to read. It is easy to establish how something went, and if you only jumped the second highest in the World Cup it's up to the coach to get his high jumper to focus on the success, and not to think of it as a failure.

In our coaching world we also aim high but the results are harder to measure. There is no precise boundary and you generally have no opponent but yourself... and life in general of course.

Furthermore, the aim is not predetermined. Only you can decide what it is.