Your result is our one and only goal.

How far would I like to reach? That is the central question you should ask yourself when you really grasp what the coaching world has to offer. Since coaching costs you money and time and we run a business, our aim is concrete and concise: Your result is what's most important and to get as close to the goal possible, is the base of our very existence.

The methods we use to set goals, measure results and run our coaching varies depending on who we are coaching. In this section you will get a quick overview of how we operate.

Your goals. 
In a coaching program you get the opportunity to discuss your goals with a neutral and outstanding person. Together you establish simple and difficult goals. Short-term and long-term goals. The balance is important and is tied into your eagerness of reaching there. Goals that are too simple make you feel the coach was a waste. Too unrealistic goals will be as hopelessly unachievable with a coach as without one. It has to feel right for you...just like when you try on new shoes. Only the person trying the shoes on can decide whether they feel good or not, no matter how comfortable the shoes may look.

Your results. 
When the goals are set, there is something to relate to. It's clear and it's good. When you have in confidence "revealed" your goals to an outsider (= your coach) and suddenly see them as part of a concrete plan for your future life, you will experience a difference. Your objectives can no longer hide behind your inner voices.

At that moment it is good to have a professional coach by your side and not a close relative. It's good to have someone neutral who helps you week by week, month by month, to take steps in the right direction. Someone who pulls you out of the weekly routines or the stress, and reminds you of what you so sincerely want to devote yourself to ahead.

The results are measured continuously throughout the coaching program. The results are ticked off in effective coaching conversations. You take every step, and both the goals and the road to them is a living occurrence that we adapt to throughout the coaching program. This means you don't have to be part of complicated laboratory experiments or demanding séances that turns your life inside out. And you don't have to meet any expectations other than your own, which means it's perfectly acceptable to change your mind along the way.

We use simple methods. We encourage small steps of progress, and base our work on confidence, optimism, trust and a bit of fighting spirit.

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The road to results via coaching
Five steps of coaching to set free potential and reach set goals:

1) Open for opportunities

2) Promote personal response

3) Create motivation and commitment

4) Remove obstacles

5) Give support, focus and driving force

If part of the goal is to clean the garage to make space for a studio and the final goal is to start painting full-time, many things need to be done in order to reach that goal. Daily hardship, the doubts of your surroundings or the economic limitations cannot be simply disregarded.

Good results can however be closer than you think. With insight and a push in the right direction these results can become reality. It's happened before, it happens all the time, and it can surely happen to you.