Listening as a method.

We are created with two ears and one mouth - the coaching process literally takes this into consideration. As coaches we are to listen more than we talk. You on the other hand, must talk. Your thoughts and answers are your greatest assets. In addition, they constitute an invaluable source of information that we need to do a good job when coaching.

Your coach should be curious. 
We are curious by nature, but we also use curiosity as a method in our coaching role.

- Our starting point is that people are creative, resourceful and whole. We assume that people both have the ability and the right to find their own right way.

- Listening is part of the curiosity. Listening is used to evoke creativity and trains of thought with the people we coach. With different methods of questioning we can induce answers that to a greater extent reflect upon the reality of the person we ask, and not answers that he or she thought we wanted to hear.

- We will ask many simple questions and carefully listen to what you tell us. The road to your new future you access through yourself and your own thoughts.
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The coach is educated to listen
Listening is not only art, but it's also part of the coaching profession. It's included as an extensive program in the education to become an active professional coach. Modern research has explored research and it's consequences for both the listener and the speaker. From this base knowledge multiple methods have been developed to improve and make listening more effective.

The methodology differentiates through active listening, inner listening, focused listening and global listening. The coach will listen for different things, confirm actual conditions, or listen to the emotions conveyed between the lines. The method of questioning will depend on what the aim is.

The purpose of this methodology is to help you convey what you really mean to say.