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News from Brightpotential:

  • Education
    The whole 2012 was a year intensively in development and education. It began in January 2012 with five intensive days Business Mastery in Las Vegas, United States, continued with Wealth Mastery in Brighton, England in August, and ended in December with Leadership Mastery Date With Destiny eight days in Palm Springs, Ca, USA. All courses with Tony Robbins.

  • Hong Kong
    Bright Potential opens the door to a more international cooperation and is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. We where in Hong Kong in April 2012 for client meetings and held a seminar for entrepreneurs and members for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce with the theme "How successful do you dare to become?"
  • Recertification
    In 2012, we have updated and renewed our Coach Certification with the ICF International Coach Federation.
  • Job Coaching
    The cooperation agreement with job coaching between Bright Potential and Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) ended December 2011. We have during the contract had the opportunity and pleasure to coach 72 job seekers with an efficiency of 68 percent. According to the Employment Service Statistics, the total efficiency was 37 percent. The government decided to continue the job coaching for job seekers from 2012. The latest contract is unfortunately worded in a way that makes it difficult for us as a coach company to take on the assignment. We stand up for our clients and their results so they can achieve their goals.

  • DISC

    Bright Potential is certified since June 8, 2011 in the DISC behavioral analysis and momentum analysis as additional tools in leadership development.

News from the coaching business:

  • ICF Celabration!
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    ICF International Coach Federation organization celebrates 15 years 2010.  ICF is globally recognized as the leader organisation for professional coaching. Today has about 14.000 members worldwide and gives extended services to over 90 countries. They have established the most recognized credential program in 13 different languages. What  we like at Bright Potential is the high standard and requirements that ICF stand for.



  • (ICF) New updated Code of Ethics

    The global ICF Board of Directors approved revisions to the ICF Code of Ethics. The updated code is available on in several languages, including English, French, German and Spanish.

    View updated code.

    The code was last updated in January 2005. During that revision process, it was decided that the code would undergo a revision every three years.

    The global 2007 Ethics and Standards Committee created a sub-committee specifically for the purpose of reviewing the code based on complaints and inquiries received as well as general conversations of the Committee. Suggested revisions were presented to the Board for their review.

    The Board made several alterations, with the assistance of legal council, and approved the revised code.

  • (ICF Sweden) Secure the trust for coaching!

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    See Swedish version.