Our vision is part of our values. And vice versa.

Bright Potential Coaching
strives for a market leading position concerning effective coaching for actively working people who have decided to change their lives to make way for a stronger position in their career and their relation to their surroundings.

Bright Potential Coaching seeks the utmost knowledge, experience and understanding so as to give their clients well-balanced inspiration and guidance so that they can themselves work to achieve their goal.

Bright Potential Coaching seeks strategic cooperation with colleagues in other markets and other cultures, with the aim of widening our experience and deepening our understanding, our insight and our competence about different people and their strengths, needs and potential.

Bright Potential Coaching uses modern digital technique to enable communication and trading power over boundaries, time periods, cultures and to break stagnate undesirable patterns.

Bright Potential Coaching works with self-perspective, humor and experiences as part of their methodology.
Do you use your chances?
Learn to communicate better with your body, writing and speech.

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Psychology or therapy?
Coaching is none of that, but is based on some of the same insights. We have collected some facts on the story of coaching.

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