We coach to strengthen your capacities.

Many people think of self realization as a process of understanding their weaknesses. For some reason, self realization has normatively been believed to be a confession of something hidden:

"Hey, I just realize you're no good at playing the piano"

In coaching, however, we strive towards the opposite and believe that self realization is instead a process of understanding your strengths and daring to use them. We aim to help you create self-esteem by acknowledging your own strengths:

"Damn, I'm actually rather good at singing"

People are often surprised when they discover their strengths. But why are people more surprised when finding their strengths than when finding their weaknesses? Partly, it is because people tend to automatically envision the worst. Despite our desire to believe in possibilities and hopes, our mind works against us to hinder our path. We get used to holding back our capacities and potential and do not reflect upon what we actually possess.

Defy history
People's belief of self realization has clearly been influenced by our surroundings and our past. Through history and in the society we live in there are countless phenomena which compel us to focus on our weaknesses instead of strengths. Doctors examine diseases to learn about health. Psychologists study sorrow to learn about happiness. Therapists look into divorce to understand marriage. All over the world we find schools and workplaces that teach you how to focus on, analyze and eliminate your weaknesses as a strategy of becoming stronger.

However, we don't live in the past, but in the present. So if you now have come to realize that you want to change your own situation, an important first step has been taken.

The next step is to look for your strengths. It is time to revive those capacities that you know exist deep down inside. Give yourself a chance to see the potential you actually possess, no matter which situation you are in, and realize who you actually are.

Does it seem like a difficult task?
We know how to assist you on your journey, in the way you want it. For we know that you are in possession of all the answers. We always assume that we can help you gain insight and come to your own realization. This means that we do not aim to change the truth about you or direct you in a way which we find truthful. No, we aim to help you find your own truth.

You are the boss!

Coaching via Skype.
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What's in it for me?
Our coaching has one clear purpose: You shall reach higher and further!

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Understand reality.
Are you running in the same direction as everyone else while time is passing right by? Have you wondered whether it's actually the right direction for you? Or do you keep running just because it's what you've always done? Have you thought about the difference a pair of flippers would do instead of running shoes?

Sometimes it's good to stop and think about what's the right thing to do. You probably know that you have talents you have never unleashed. You probable remember times when sparkles inside you have made you feel invincible. Maybe it was when meeting a person you like, during a job you had or a trip you made - but your day-to-day life has discouraged this feeling because life has to "go on".

Maybe we are wrong?
We don't say that your life isn't good enough, but we want to inspire you to be honest to yourself about your situation. For your own good. At the same time we want to remind you about the opportunities to change, how to gain more self-knowledge, and how to use this insight so that you don't miss out on the potential you might have forgotten that you have. We know that everyone can do a whole lot more than they think. That's not a new discovery.

We simply and plainly want to remind you about the opportunity to swim in your direction instead of just going with the flow.

We know that you can affect your own future.