Every day is a new day.

You write the book about your life story. Every chapter, every page, every paragraph. New opportunities appear every day. Opportunities to create by thoughts, words, action and feelings, alone or with others. Wherever you end up or whatever you do, it's possible to influence your own situation.

Already in ancient Greece they understood our possibility of choice. The philosopher Epiktetos claimed that man decides for himself because he is not plagued by events themselves, but by how the events are valued. He meant that it's not how it is, but how we make it, that counts. We rule over our own ideas, attitudes, feelings and behaviors.

Your will and the power of habits.
So, it's about will and the power of habits. The will to bring out enough curiosity to seek a path different from the one you may have trotted along for some time.

It is about wanting to break the power of habits and learn to view the same things with different perspective and thereby find paths that lead towards brighter glades in the forest, glades where the grass is green and the sun is shining.

Coaching tickles your senses.
Coaching can help you create new bases for the life, work, relationships, the ideas and the visions you have. We can't tell you how to go about it all the way. That, you will find out for yourself. However, we are going to remind you about your strengths and inspire you to try a little harder. We will tap your shoulder from time to time to keep you focused rather than make you feel guilty. We will tickle your senses and entice that positive vision that you have managed to conceal from yourself. We will help you distill this vision into concrete, manageable projects. One by one.

In this way we will help you write new chapters, new pages and new sentences in your own bestseller.

You will have time enough. "Time doesn't pass - it comes". Think about the meaning of that expression for a while.
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Staff under control?
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It’s in your own head. The approach you choose towards every situation you encounter. From now on, try not to make every decision too quickly. Give yourself a little more time and try to look at ordinary matters from another angle. Is it that terrible doing the dishes and the satisfaction of a clean kitchen not even worth it? What can happen, your hands get wet,..., your porcelain gets clean and you feel better?

What’s the big deal?

Break the usual thinking pattern and see the same things with a sligthly different outlook. A little bit of time, a few small steps, and a tiny bit of effort is all that is needed...you probably understand that it doesn’t take a complete myself-make-over for you to get a brighter view of life.

Set a starting point, put on your favorite music to inspire you. If you can’t think of something, try the video below: ”It’s a beautiful day” – Queen

Illustration: (unknown)