What if your company only uses 20% of your employees potential?

Well, that's how bad it might be. Maybe not at your company, but definitely at many other companies. The figure is based on an investigation carried out by one of the world's leading survey companies - Gallup -posing the same question to over 1.7 million employees at over 100 top companies in over 60 countries. The question asks: "Do you get to do what you do best at work every day?"

So, only 20% of the people feel that their strengths are being used every day. And it's the same result worldwide. The survey has even showed that the longer the period of employment, and the higher the rank of the person, the more he or she feels that their strengths are being misused. Bearing in mind that these employees often have a higher salary, maybe that result would be worth questioning.

Knowing that probably only 20% of the employees you now have work to capacity, how much could your profits increase if the figure was doubled to... four out of ten employees? Or why not be very optimistic and think that 60% of your staff could feel that their strengths are being properly used. Is 60 % an unattainable goal? Probably not.

There is, after all, unused potential; in most cases around 80 %, according to this survey.

What can be done in order to change the situation?

Many companies have fixed the situation and it's been worthwhile. But how? Well, first off the company needed to realize why 8 out of 10 employees don't feel useful in their daily work. It also needed to figure out why so many employees - especially the more experienced ones who have had time to "look around" and thereby had a greater opportunity to get an outlet for their strengths - feel misplaced in their work.

It is all about discovering and learning to use already existing strengths, instead of searching for weaknesses that need to be improved.

How will a coach help you?

Regardless of who we coach, whether it's company managements or staff, it is the same idea. We initiate processes to set free and develop people's potentials. The methods differ depending on who we coach, but the goal is the same: better, brighter, more effective, more fun, and more productive.

We help you to recognize the differences among the employees and afterwards help you to capitalize on those differences. We uncover the natural strengths and talents that the employees possess and then collectively work out a way to develop and position each and every employee so that his or her strengths are used in the right place.

This is not some new magical discovery. We proceed according to well-developed time-tested methods. Experience tells us that nothing is, unfortunately, solved by itself. But when the problem is finally solved, the possibilities that new potential bring about will lead to profitable effects at your company.


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