Tests for better coaching.

There is a wide range of tests on the market with different level of accuracy. There are behavior-tests, logic-tests, personality-tests, relationship-tests, IQ-tests etc. The development is constant and we have worked through some of these tests to be able to offer something that we feel is reliable.

1) Simple personality-test
A free internet-test that are being developed at the moment.

2) Advanced strengths finder
A test developed by Gallup* and which you can perform online.

The purpose of these tests is for you to picture some obvious patterns in your personality. The result is not the definitive truth, but it points out an outsider's understanding of your intuitive actions. The simpler test that you will be able to do for free on internet is based on knowledge in accordance with the International Coach Federation's guiding principles. Gallup's test is based upon years of advanced research that have produced methods that match recurring choices with clear capacities, behaviors and views that characterize the human beings. These choices are also reflected as a form of account for your primary strengths and characteristics. By doing the test you will get something in hand that can inspire you to reevaluate the situation you're in to the extent you feel appropriate, or you will get a scientific confirmation of what you've already felt inside.

Results by email.
You will get the result directly via email. You can evaluate them on your own but we know that the tests are worth so much more if we go through them together. We have experience of how these simple test results can best be tied together with different individual's thoughts and ambitions. We know how they are to be used in practice for you to succeed in your work of change.

Question- and answer technique.
The tests are carried out with questions where you are offered a number of answer-choices and you choose by clicking what most corresponds to you and your views.

Completely anonymously and confidentially handled.
You participate completely anonymously. Some demographic questions are asked purely for research (male/female, age, language, hometown). No personal information is required and all results are handled strictly confidential.

Who is testing me?
The simple personality-test is prepared in accordance with the guiding principles set by the International Coach Federation, ICF, and the advanced strengths finder is issued by Gallup Inc. We cooperate with both these organizations and have ensured that both tests follow the strict ethic guiding principles set by the IFC. Your test result is stored anonymously in research data bases and contributes to research in that it takes part in a larger statistical basis.

*How much does it cost?
Our quick test will be for free. The Gallup strengths finder test is included in our individually packaged coaching programs. You can also do the Gallup test on your own, but we recommend everyone to do it in cooperation with a coach to maximize the value of the answers in a seriously produced evaluation.

Forward, not backward!
Coaching focuses on the potential you have in front of you. The "something" you can do something about.

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What's in it for me?
Our coaching has one clear purpose: You shall reach higher and further!

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Two harmless and precise tests with simple questions and simple answers
The clever thing about this way of testing you is that you don't reveal anything about yourself other than your view of simple commonplace situations. Situations you might face in your work or private life, or descriptions that fits you in your work or private life.

Example 1
Choose the alternative that best describes you:
- I read all the instructions before I begin something
- I prefer to throw myself into things immediately

Example 2
Which alternative/s fits you the best:
- Vivid
- Focus on entirety
- Energetic
- Patient
- Sharp
- Confident
- Curious
- Etc.  

By answering similar questions repeatedly you "reveal" the way you look at things and see yourself. The recurring revelation form a model which leads to a selection of established characteristics or strengths which you possess.