A well established test that points out your most distinct strengths.

This test is developed by Gallup - one of the world's largest survey companies with over 70 years of experience with surveys and more than 40 offices on five continents.

It is an established strengthfinder that underscores the strengths and talents that a person possesses. It is a simple test that can be carried out at home in your computer, you will get the result immediately and it is totally confidential. You may do the test and draw conclusions from the result yourself, but from experience we know that it's much more valuable if we work through it together.

It's this simple: 
1. Order the book "Now discover your strengths" via us or the book-shop
2. In the book you find a unique password
3. Set aside 30-40 minutes for when you know you won't be disturbed
4. Log on, read the instructions and then click "Start"
5. Answer about 180 multiple-choice questions

Result directly by email. 
The answers consist of a list of your five strongest qualities. Gallup has had over two million tests pointing out the 34 different qualities that we humans possess, regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, social standards and education.

These "Top-5" describe what you do best. You also carry a bit of all the other 29 qualities as well. By examining the result and its descriptions we point out your innate qualities. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't, but with this at hand you can begin working out a plan for how you can change your current situation to something better.

More about the test and the result. 
In the fact-boxes to the right you will learn more about how, where and why this is a good and reliable test. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@brightpotential.com.

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Your 34 strengths
Every individual is unique, but we also essentially carry the same basic conditions wherever or whenever we were born. Two co-workers at the survey company Gallup have put together a unique test called "Strengthfinder", that's built upon a base of 34 different qualities, which through different combinations shows the character and strengths of an individual.

By spontaneously answering a number of questions, the test person will unconsciously "reveal" his/her intuitive choices and thereby which qualities and strengths dominate. The test will bring out the five clearest strengths. These can be some of the concise examples below:

Individuals with clear skills within the theme Analytical search for causes and effects. They possess the ability to weigh all aspects that can eventually affect a certain situation.

Individuals that are skillful in Communication generally think it's easy to put words into matters. They are often good speakers and good at conversing.

People with clear Harmony seek consensus. They dislike conflicts and strive toward fields where there are already agreements.

People with this strength carry the will to accept and include others. They give attention to people that find themselves as "outsiders" and work to get them into the fellowship.

Individuals with the quality maximization focus on strengths and changing something that is good into superb.