When you work with coaching you hear many life stories. Stories about people who have taken big or small steps to move on. These stories constitute a large part of the fuel that drives us coaches further. It gives us daily evidence of our work together being successful.

We believe in the power of a good example. We believe that if enough people begin to talk about success, optimism and the future it will spur other people to do the same. If journalists and the media also begin to report about these bright aspects of life, then even more thoughts will emerge within people. In a dream world this may turn pessimism, depression and recession around. Maybe it is that conscious power that can make us change our heavy steps into light steps.

To the right you find stories that we feel are good examples. They are all true stories. They are about clients we have coached, or are told by clients we have coached. Some of them are from somewhere completely different. Common to all of them is that we gladly reproduce them to as many people as possible, because we believe in good examples.

Do you have a story about a good example?
Do you want to share a story about a good example that could inspire others? Or do you know anyone who know the way towards a brighter future? Please share the story with us here, we will publish the good ones.

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Björn Bertoft / Wei Wei Music, Coached 2009

– I have always believed in coaching, but thought it was for others, as I myself more or less work with coaching of a singer. It was however easy for Gunilla to see that I needed a clearer guiding principle for my own sake.

I found myself in a classic work overload-situation. Divided and listless. By the first meeting it became evident that my own opinion of the situation did not correspond to reality. Both the number of projects and the different parts of respective projects needed to be tightened.

Today, more than half a year after, I can establish the fact that endurance is what coaching helped me the most with. The work of finishing things step by step and get encouragement for the small things completed supplied energy along the way. The to-do-list became shorter and the inclination to win against it grew.

We started by listing what I had already achieved. That was a wake-up call itself showing me what I had done the past years – a lot more than I thought. Thereafter we began to collect the projects ahead, both long-term and short-term. The picture became clear, and all the more serious. Focus was the recipe and the task of checking off the heaviest duties begun. Discipline and lists. Checkpoints and encouragement. Coaching was really helpful along the way even though I had to complete the work myself.

We did the strengths finder and it was a useful experience to say the least. I probably thought like many others that I could fool the test to get “good results”, but Gallup had of course known of people like me. The results confirmed by and large what Gunilla had already seen but what I hadn’t seen yet. It was both good and fun. To then get the opportunity to go through the results with a neutral person who has no demands was very rewarding. For me it was a boost that someone with authority told me that I should accelerate with my strengths and stop brooding about the weaknesses I imagined having. Of course there were weaknesses, but it is much more valuable to committing yourself to strengths that actually exist. Simple mathemathics.

Once entrepreneur, always entrepreneur. To have someone else’s businesslike eyes on your own projects has been an enormously useful exposition. The role as manager for a female pop singer from China was one of the many roles that appeared on the lists. Many other roles have gotten space to maintain and even though it has been tough to get into the phase, the conclusion of the process is very clear – the energy is back.

Now the pace has increased again and it is a really positive difference to know that I now have a person by my side that can keep track of things and push me back in the right direction if I’m tempted to deviate on a sidetrack.