Our clients.

Every customer gives us new experience regardless of profession or background. The differences give us width and depth that is to everyone's good. Most likely, it is also the differences that paradoxically help us stress the main themes that are common to all people who have decided to make a change in their life. 

We are thankful that our customers are all so different. It requires more of us and allows us to sharpen our insights before we take on the role as their partner in the change towards the better.

Forward, not backward!
Coaching focuses on the potential you have in front of you. The "something" you can do something about.

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What's in it for me?
Our coaching has one clear purpose: You shall reach higher and further!

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Clients we have been coaching and are coaching:

Acking & Wedel Arkitektkontor

ACN Arkitektkontor

ARC Lars Paulsson Arkitektkontor

Beijer Byggmaterial

Brygghuset Arkitekter

ClimateWell (Reference)

Doos Arkitekter

Draken Arkitektur AB

E.L.E. Arkitekter


Enter AWOO

Equator Stockholm

Fresenius Medical Care

Fortum (Reference)

Humlegården Fastigheter

Hörservice Pontus Egerö


Mr Cap (Reference)

News Airlines

Selander Ax Arkitekter

SÅ VVS & Energi

Thermia Värme AB

Trety Ltd

2 Karsman Arkitekter

Villa Källhagen Fastigheter

Wei Wei International Management (Reference)