Bright Potential

Bright Potential AB was founded in 2008 with the goal to develop leaders to their full potential and evolve to a better version of themselves.

The path to great leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you bring to the table.

We are committed to you and inspires to success. We focus both in leadership excellence and organizational development.

We know that almost everything is possible to copy. All but one thing, the people in an organization. It is the factor that has the greatest potential to become a unique competitive advantage. When people are safe, they develop and feel that they are influential, everything is improved from collaboration, well-being and commitment to results in terms of productivity and efficiency. The results will be seen inside and out.

      20  Years Expertise   

 Gunilla Hüllert, is a top Performance Executive Consultant, Coach for Purpose-Driven Leaders and International Speaker. She has more than 20 years experience in leadership, management, human resource development and management development. Experience of international projects and collaborations between different countries and cultures. International Certified Coach, via International Coach Federation, ICF.

Gunilla has a unique ability to see the potential, greatness and dilemmas in leaders and organizations, and bring it all to life.  She is focused, ambitious, committed and inspires to success and at the same time a good listener with strong communication skills. 

Gunilla always looks for ways to growth that would benefit and add value to clients.   

Her motto is " How successful do you dare to become"?

Let´s work together to create a brighter future! 8-)


What clients say

Gunilla made me take developing steps with my company that I previously didn´t dare take. We went through the structue and the routines  of the company, and set up goals .I felt relieved to have someone by my side, and  ticked  off my goals one by one. With better self-esteem about how I shall expand  and deligate responsibilities. I simply feel more secure when taking  action.   The good thing about being coached by  Gunilla  was  that you are forced to do things yourself, without    being alone.  You get constant encouragement.  It was a great feeling  knowing that there´s a person  available for my sake  automatically gives me energy and calms me down.

As a result  of Gunilla´s coaching my  Company  won a Frenchise  award  for becoming the most  successful   in  the  country.

Mr F. S / Mr Cap,  Business  owner

I have a great experience from being coached by Gunilla. She keeps a clear focus on strengths. During the coaching I experienced many fantastic realizations on how to use my strengths to overcome obstacles I might face. Feeling very inspired after the coaching both from the useful content and Gunillas positive and creative approach. She knows exactly the feedback to give to make growth effortless. I am now looking forward to the group coaching for our international investors team, feeling confident it will take us to a new level of both consciousness and results.

KS/Licensed psychotherapist and Investor





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