Bright Potential Coaching stands for a brighter future. We help our clients to see their world differently, by doing that, they show up differently and create results that looked impossible a moment before.


 Leadership Coaching that Increases your Business Profits!

Bright Potential seeks the utmost knowledge, experience and understanding by giving our clients well-balanced inspiration and guidance so that they can themselves work to achieve their goals.

We are your accountability partner that stands by your side all the way towards your desired goal.

Leadership Coaching

Become better at leading yourself and others to success. Get clear about your unique strengths and talents and lead in alinement with them. Become a better and more efficient leader. Gain more time for your own work and better job satisfaction.

Strength-based Leadership

Find out your top 5 strengths that drives you in all ares of life and how to use them efficiently to maximize your leadership group or team.   

Corporate Attitude Coaching

Get clear about your values.

The importance how to cooperate in different business cultures, internal, national as well as international and intercultural. .

Conflict Management

How to solve different conflicts by using a conflict diagnosis. Establish proposals of action and action plan to resolve or manage.  We help to speed up the process that can halt the negative spiral and turn it into a positive one.                   

Workshops and Seminars

Book a lecture - Let´s be inspired! 

Inspiration of larger or smaller groups. We tailor our presentations and workshops according to your specific needs. Individually customized solutions ensure you get the effect you desire.


For Businesss Owners and Startup Companies. We also  educate managers to become Mentors for their own  employees.  Creating a platform in all different areas of business.

How can We help you?

To become an effective  leader you need to:

- Always invest in strengths

- Surround yourself with the right people and then maximize your team

- Understand your followers needs

What clients say

 I found myself in an increasingly stressful situation, being placed in the      position of director as a substitute after my boss quit.                                                                                                                                                     Gunilla and I began to reason together about my situation, which was a    relief and helped me get a picture of my present position.                            An important part of the process was that I gained a fuller picture of what I really want to do and work with. I could concentrate on the rights and it felt like I was step-by-step regaining control.  It felt increasingly important to get a neutral outsiders’ point of view to my questions. Consequently, the feeling of having landed gave me new energy.                                                                        The new energy and security made it easier for me to perform my leadership and support, inspire, and guide me through a fairly rough time. I think it has strengthened all of us.

Ms B. Manager



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